Essential Tips for Beginner Photographers to Sell Their Photos Online

Sell photos online

Are you thinking of selling your photos online? We can help you get started. If you have a flair and a passion for photography, you could earn by selling images in digital prints or stock photos. This guide for selling photos online for beginners will help you go step-by-step through the process.

First, we’ll discuss some tips on how to take fantastic photos and then get them ready for selling. After that, we’ll tell you how to present them on your website and several widely known online shops.

Tips for Beginner Photographers to Their Photos Online

2024 is the most accessible year for a person to start their photography business. With so many alternatives, knowing the right one may be challenging. Read on to find some simple tips to help you decide which photography niche is right for you.

Identify Your Specialty

The initial step in launching a prosperous photography venture is pinpointing your specialty. Consider the types of photos you enjoy capturing. Here are several photography business suggestions to consider:

  • Wildlife Photography
  • Pet Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Food Photography
  • Landscape Photography
  • Event (Wedding) Photography

Develop a Business Strategy

After selecting your niche, it’s essential to outline how you’ll operate your business. Consider hiring staff, equipment expenses, studio rental, and your business model.

Examine Equipment Expenses

Understanding the financial aspects of your business is crucial. Begin researching equipment costs to create an accurate budget. Here’s a breakdown of potential expenses for a photography business:

  • Camera: $500–$8,000
  • Lenses: Free–$3,000
  • Backdrops and lighting: $200–$800
  • Computer system: $1,500–$2,000
  • Software: $200
  • Website plugins: $100–$500

Master the Basics

If you’re a seasoned photographer familiar with DSLRs, that’s excellent. However, if you’re new to photography and aiming to sell your photos online, mastering the art of capturing impressive images is essential.

Begin Taking Photos

Now, the enjoyable part begins—taking pictures. Your approach is entirely your choice but consider a few key points.

Firstly, you need a signed model release form to sell the images when photographing people. Many stock photo platforms offer downloadable model release forms for your convenience. Secondly, remember that photos featuring copyrighted brands, products, or buildings may not be suitable for sale.

Refine Your Images

Once the intended sale photos are taken, it is then time to enhance them through photo-editing software programs. Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are popular options among photographers. It is possible to achieve your wanted look by adjusting the various elements, including exposure, clarity, contrast, vibrancy, and temperature.

If you’re selling photos directly through your site, add a watermark on images using Photoshop to protect your work from misuse; however, while you can sell photos online at some marketplaces, they do the watermarking on your behalf, so it might not be needed.

Best Stock Photo Sites to Sell Photos Online

You are now ready to earn money online from your photos. Several reputable platforms allow you to upload and sell your work:

  • Shutterfly

Shutterfly offers various products, including prints, books, calendars, and cards. You can either upload your photos or select from their stock library. Their easy-to-use website provides templates for customization. Shutterfly takes care of the printing and shipping when you place an order.

  • PicMonkey

PicMonkey provides a free online photo editing platform. Improve your photos with tools such as filters, stickers, fonts, and overlays to create incredible results. After editing them, you can share your masterpieces through social resources and emails.

  • Snapfish

Snapfish sells affordable digital cameras and print services. Start by uploading the photos that you want to be customized. With over a hundred unique designs, you can customize your images with text, borders, and frames. Snapfish does the customization, prints, and delivers to your home.

Selling Photos on Your Website

Selling photos directly through your website offers distinct advantages. For starters, you can set higher prices per sale than you earn on stock photography platforms. Typically, stock photo sites yield earnings of around 15%-40% per sale. In contrast, selling exclusive licenses on your website can fetch you anywhere from $50 to $500 per sale, allowing you to retain 100% of your profit without any intermediary.

From a branding standpoint, having your photography site enhances your professional image. It serves dual purposes as your online store and portfolio, potentially increasing your visibility and clientele.

Moreover, operating your site grants you greater flexibility than third-party marketplaces. You control checkout processes, store design, pricing, and licensing terms. Additionally, you’re not limited to selling just digital photos; you can also offer photography services and prints.

Building your website is also straightforward with platforms like WordPress. With user-friendly plugins like FooGallery, you can quickly create a responsive and visually appealing site that meets your needs, including features like lazy loading for swift photo galleries.


As you know how to sell photos online, begin your photography business and start selling your work online in 2024 as it offers a promising avenue for budding photographers like you. You can effectively showcase and monetize your talent by identifying your niche, mastering basic techniques, and leveraging online marketplaces and personal websites. Follow these tips to enhance your journey in the photography industry.